Rachael Pasemko is a social worker, a clinical counsellor, and a play therapist. She offers play and expressive therapy for children that are experiencing challenges, does one to one work with parents, has sessions with youth and adults, and meets with other therapists for clinical consultation and to support them in their own learning and clinical practice. Rachael created a group practice, Lighthouse Expressive Therapy, that is located in Kamloops, BC. She has built a reputation in Kamloops and the surrounding areas as a warm, relatable, skilled therapist with a deep understanding of what can be helpful for children, and their families, to move through pain and challenges. Rachael has specialization in the impact of traumas and more specifically early life relational trauma. She uses counselling and somatic therapy when working with adults to support them to process difficulties and create more space for living a life of ease and wellness.

Parent Therapy

Have ever you heard someone say that all behaviour is communication?  Makes sense, right?  Do you ever wonder why no one ever teaches us how to speak behaviour?  Rachael supports parents to understand what their children are communicating when they repeatedly engage in challenging behaviours. She works with families with children that have special needs and other challenges and teaches parents what she does in the play room to increase regulate in the nervous system. She offers parenting courses to share a new framework about what is happening in the nervous system during challenging behaviour and teaches skills to respond to the child and behaviour in a new way.  

The truth about our child’s challenging behaviour and emotions is that they are often linked to the parent’s own challenges, painful childhood experiences, and unresolved emotional experiences.  A parent that is ready to look at themselves honestly, process pain that is still alive and connected to the past, and move toward positive growth and change is giving their child a tremendous gift.  Life is hard. Having a parent that is the happiest, best version of themselves can bring ease (and easier behaviour!) for our children.

Rachael is passionate about supporting parents to dive into their own stories, historical wounds, and patterns to create positive change.


Child Therapy

Rachael began her career focused on supporting children to express what is challenging through the language of play.  She has always been excited about the right-brained language of metaphors and loves communicating using stories of dragons and mice or babies, army battles and butterflies.  

She has become known in Kamloops and the surrounding areas for her expertise in using play therapeutically to support children to gain confidence, ease anxiety, free themselves from trauma, move through developmental stages, manage stress in new ways, and become a more full expression of their true selves.  Childhood should be fun.  

Rachael is a Registered Play Therapist with both the American Association for Play Therapy and the British Columbia Play Therapy Association which indicates that has extensive course study in play therapy, thousands of hours of experience, and hours spent under the supervision of a qualified play therapy supervisor as she worked toward these designations.  She is now completing course work to become a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor herself which indicates she is sanctioned to provide supervision for other play therapist’s looking to become registered.  

 Rachael’s schedule is often full and she is not able to take on new clients.  She does work with a team of clinician’s in her private practice that also use play therapy and referrals to these therapists are recommended. Please get to know them on our group practice website.  


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Adult & Youth Therapy