Therapy for Adults

Life is hard. It’s not because you are doing it wrong, it’s just because it is hard. Lighthouse Expressive Therapy offers a safe, non-judgemental, caring space for individuals, adults or youth, that would like to talk and move beyond difficulties. Telling your story and sharing your truth takes courage. When supported in a caring relationship it can lead to processing, letting go and growth.

Rachael uses a somatically based approach to therapy that involves sitting and talking but within the conversation there is some focus on the physical body such as sensations and hand gestures. This style of work supports the nervous system to integrate and move past things that have been too overwhelming to process. Somatic therapy is a gentle, regulated way to process and release difficult material without having to necessarily verbally or mentally explore the experiences.

Expressive therapies such as art or sand play are also available for youth and adults and can be helpful for areas of your life that feel stuck. Sometimes our experiences, emotions, or memories are beyond words.

Contact Lighthouse to speak to Rachael and determine if what she offers is a fit for what you are hoping for.