Rachael Pasemko

Rachael Pasemko is a therapist at Lighthouse Expressive Therapy in Kamloops, BC and has worked as a support for people, including individuals, children, and families for over ten years. She has been working in private therapy practice for seven years and recently expanded Lighthouse into a group practice to include associate therapists. Rachael has become well known in Kamloops and surrounding areas for her specialized work using play and expressive therapy with children, she provides clinical consultation to other therapists, and she also works with parents, adults and youth to explore and process what is contributing to challenges. Rachael created a parenting workshop called I’mperfect Parenting where she shares with parents what she has found most helpful in the therapy room with children, teaching a new framework for challenging behaviour and how to support children to find more ease and regulation. Rachael is married, has adult children, and two awesome grandbabies. She loves pilates and yoga, dog walks in nature, making a mess of crafty projects, books, and is passionate about her work supporting people to heal and live an authentic, meaningful life.

Rachael believes that all people possess an inherent, internal drive toward positive change and growth. They also have the ability to do what is necessary to achieve that growth and given the right environment, that includes relationship, emotional and physical safety, and a connection to their Self, they will move in that direction. What each person requires is different so her work is always client-centred with a specific attunement to what each individual may need at that time. Rachael works using a ‘relational, right brained, bottom up approach’ to therapy that is based in a safe, trusting relationship. She has good knowledge of the body’s nervous system, how stress and trauma impact us, and how to facilitate growth and healing.

Rachael is a Registered Social Worker, a Registered Clinical Counsellor, and a Registered Play Therapist with the BC Association for Play Therapy and the American Association for Play Therapy. She has a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a masters degree in Counselling Psychology. She finished a two year program on somatic therapies and bringing the body into practice with Lisa Mortimorein Victoria, BC and now participates in those trainings as part of the facilitation team. Rachael has attended extensive training with the Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy and The Center for Expressive Therapy. She is also a certified in Synergetic Play Therapist out of the the Synergetic Play Therapy Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Fall of 2020 she will complete the course work to become a Synergetic Play Therapy Supervisor. Rachael is committed to doing the best work she is able for the people she supports so she engages in ongoing learning. She is committed to keeping relevant in the quickly expanding field of neuroscience and therapy.