Rachael Pasemko is a relatable and knowledgable workshop facilitator. She presents material about neuroscience, the brain, trauma, emotions, relationships, mental health & behaviour challenges, and parenting in a way that is clear and concrete for her participants.

Rachael created a parenting presentation called I’mperfect Parenting where she offers parents a new perception of self acceptance and empowerment, and teaches about brain development, the nervous system, and how a dysregulated state affects our behaviour and relationships. She brings the knowledge she has gathered over her career as a play therapist, working with children and families experiencing many different challenges, to parents in a way that they can incorporate what Rachael does in the play room to support children at their home and in their everyday lives. She is also available to offer this same content about children’s behaviour and emotions to teachers to support their experience with challenging children in the classroom.


Beginning in 2020, Rachael will be facilitating trainings for therapists in play therapy and sand tray therapy.